Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2024
  • Academic Year 2024-25
  • Spring 2025


Kristen Grace

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences


This program accepts by rolling admission and may fill prior to Cornell’s deadline.

Opportunity Description

This exchange program is suitable to nearly all CALS majors, especially for undergraduate students majoring in Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Biological and Environmental Engineering, Entomology, Environment and Sustainability, Food Science, or Plant Science. Students in majors outside of those recommended may also be able to participate, depending on your interests and academic needs.

What is unique about this program?

NTU is the most prestigious comprehensive university in Taiwan and one of the top ranked universities in the world. Dedicated to excellence and leadership since 1928, NTU has contributed significantly to Taiwan's rapid development into one of the world's most competitive economies and democratic societies. Over the years, the university has acquired a reputation for academic excellence and cutting-edge research right in the heart of Asia.  The University benefits from Taiwan's rich Chinese heritage and strategic regional position, offering initiatives and solutions that bridge East and West. 

NTU is home to a lively community of more than 30,000 students (17,000 undergraduate and 15,000 graduate) developing their talents across 11 colleges, 54 departments and 66 research centers. In 2002, the College of Agriculture was renamed the College of Bioresources and Agriculture. 

What is unique about Taipei City?

NTU's main campus is located in the Da'an District in Taipei City. The main campus is home to most college department buildings and administrative buildings. The University governs farms, forests, and hospitals for education and research purposes.

Taipei is the national capital of Taiwan. it is home to an estimated population of 2,7 Million. The name "Taipei" can refer either to the whole metropolitan area or the city proper. As Taiwan's business, financial, and technology hub, Taipei has been at the center of rapid economic development in the country and has now become one of the global cities in technology and electronics. Taipei is also known for its lively street-food scene and many night markets. 

What is Unique about the CALS Exchange Program?

Since 1954, CALS has offered their students unique opportunities to study abroad via the CALS Exchange program. CALS students are able to internationalize their academic experience by integrating themselves into a partner university abroad, taking classes and living alongside degree-seeking students. The CALS Exchange programs are rooted in, and in many cases designed by, CALS faculty affiliated to an international academic institution or university department that complements your academic program. Students who have previously gone on exchange have found it to be a rewarding experience as it has added an international dimension to their degree, challenged them academically and facilitated the development of new skills, and enhanced their personal growth and self-confidence.

Past Participants

Past participants have submitted feedback about their experiences. These surveys are available for your review. Would you like to ask a past participant questions about their experience? Email the Office of Global Learning to be connected with a Cornell student who has studied at NTU.

How do I apply?

  • Have questions about which abroad program to choose and the application process? Schedule a meeting with an advisor at the Office of Global Learning.
  • Selected your program and have questions about international course approvals or academic policies while abroad? Please reach out to
  • Click the green apply button (there is an application preview button for those interested in what is on the application-by clicking apply, you will start an application to the program)
    • Already met with an Advisor or is it close to the application deadline and you can't get in to see the advisor? That's okay. Click the green apply button and start the Cornell application process so you don't miss any deadlines. 
  • Click Submit
    • Once you've completed all of the application requirements, click submit. The Office of Global Learning will review your application within a week of your submission. If accepted, you will receive further instructions regarding next steps and the application process to your host university.