Minimum GPA: 2.75

Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2023

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences

This Opportunity is Currently in Draft


Opportunity Description

The CALS Global Fellows program offers virtual opportunities with some of our partners. Please reference the placement listings for the number of available placements and the modality of participation. Please note, the CALS Global Fellows program may not fill all available spots for each opportunity. The CALS Global Fellows program has a limited number of total placements we can fill for each summer term. 

The CALS Global Fellows Program supports CALS undergraduate students from any major in pursuit of challenging, professionally-focused summer internships and research placements that enhance and complement their career goals and academic progress, while enriching their undergraduate experience with diverse cultural and international immersion. Through key partnerships, the Global Fellows Program provides a platform for students to make positive and definable contributions to global organizations and communities.

Acceptance to the program is competitive and a limited number of students are selected each year. Selected Fellows receive a stipend to offset major expenses.

The program includes three required parts: a pre-engagement portfolio (completed in Canvas), a continuous 7–8-week internship or research placement in an international setting, and a 1-credit post-engagement course in the first 7-weeks of the Fall 2023 semester (ALS/GDEV 3105).

Suggested majors and/or professional interests: Open to all CALS and Dyson students with a particular focus in food systems, agriculture, agribusiness, and sustainability

Information Session:

There are no information sessions planned at this time. 

Placements Opportunities

Placements: 2-4 (in-person)

CALS in partnership with Gustolab International, will support selected Fellows in the Spring semester to finalize their placement in an organization or company based on their skills and interests. Placement opportunities focus on food systems, agriculture, agribusiness, sustainability, human rights, urban regeneration, design, media, technology, equity, and social justice. The placement process includes an interview with our partner and with the company/organization's supervisor. It is key then, that students are flexible around placement finalization, clearly articulate their personal and professional objectives throughout the application process, and if selected as a Fellow, contribute meaningfully to the matching phase.

Desired qualifications: Some prior work or internship experience is desirable but not required. Students should also be open to non-traditional learning experiences. 

Past participants have been placed in opportunities focusing on urban agriculture and sustainable practices, food production and Mediterranean gardening, culinary arts, marketing and photojournalism focused on migrant populations in Rome, sustainable food and farming, new food business and product development (food delivery), landscape architecture, food waste, agritourism structures, and bakeries and nutrition.

About Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with the Alps in the North, the Apennine Mountains running from the North to the South of the country and beautiful coastlines. It is surrounded by sea and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are also a part of Italy. Its capital city, Rome, is home to the infamous Colosseum, the Forum, the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Travelers to Rome can also see other famous sites such as Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. Vatican City is located within Rome, however, it is actually its own city-state and has its own post office and police guard.

We encourage you to apply to your first choice program only. There is a space within the application to indicate if you have a second choice. If you are interested in two opportunities that are very different from one another and would prefer to write two statements of purpose, you may upload both to the same application in ONE document. Make sure they are clearly titled with the correct placement opportunity IF you are writing two statements. For reference, click here to review examples of statements from past participants.  

You may preview the application without starting an application by clicking on the “preview application” button next to the apply button. All applications contain the same questions and all information related to the program can be found within the experience page. There is no additional information within the application.