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Each Fellow receives a monetary stipend to offset major internship-related expenses, including program fees, round-trip flight, housing and food. Award amounts vary and are determined by several factors including, but not limited to, number of weeks of internship, location, payments paid directly to partner by CALS, partner support and financial need. The purpose of the stipend is to cover major expenses. It is not intended as monetary gain for Fellows. Global Fellows should budget wisely and be willing to financially contribute to their experience. Students accepted to the program will receive confirmation of the amount of the stipend in their letter of offer.

Note: Students should be prepared to pay some out-of-pocket expenses that the stipend will not cover, and/or expenses required in advance such as housing deposits. See the budget below for estimated amounts.

Accepted fellows will need to set up direct deposit with the Bursar in order to receive funding.

Estimated budget

Expenses      Estimated Cost*     Description
Program Fee (paid by CALS to partner)      $4979.00    
  • paper work for internship placements (insurance, visa)
  • on-site wellness services (on call for emergencies)
  • design and placement into internship
  • mentorship meetings
  • orientation 
  • sim card
  • housing
  • Gustolab symposium 
  • co-curricular activities
  • Rome transportation card
  • group transfer to and from airport
Flight**     $500.00      
Meals     $1200.00      
Out-of-Pocket Expenses           Student must determine cost based on personal circumstances
Language and Culture Course (optional)     $350.00      
Visa     -     Cost varies depending on type of visa
Supplemental Health Insurance     -     Dependent on type of plan and provider
Medications     -     Dependent on personal situation
Vaccinations     -     If required
Extra curricular travel/personal expenses     -      

* All estimates are based on a 60 day period. Estimates are provided as a guide for anticipating costs of the student's summer experience. Actual expenses will vary. Many factors, including currency fluctuations, personal spending habits, and any self-selected additional travel or excursions, will effect total costs of the experience.

** Airfare is estimated as round-trip with an East Coast departure to placement city. Any deviation from this and associated costs, for example departing from student’s family home, is done at the discretion and cost of the student.


We encourage you to apply to your first choice program only. There is a space within the application to indicate if you have a second choice. If you are interested in two opportunities that are very different from one another and would prefer to write two statements of purpose, you may upload both to the same application in ONE document. Make sure they are clearly titled with the correct placement opportunity IF you are writing two statements.  

You may preview the application without starting an application by clicking on the “preview application” button next to the apply button. All applications contain the same questions and all information related to the program can be found within the experience page. There is no additional information within the application.