Program details

Students will work on individual research projects with Cornell faculty and research staff on a wide range of topics in astrobiology, Solar System exploration, planetary science, exoplanets, instrumentation, cosmology, gravitational waves, galaxies, radio, submillimeter and infrared astronomy and star formation.

Students interested in computer science and engineering are also encouraged to apply.

Previous years' research topics will give you an idea of what students work on.

In addition to conducting individual research projects, students will also participate in a series of group activities including lectures, roundtables and workshops. Depending on whether the program has an in person component and how long it is, students will also participate in a geology tour of the Finger Lakes area.

For each participant, a stipend of $6,000.00 will be provided for the ten week session, plus $1,250.00 for housing and meals as well as up to $800.00 for travel to and from Ithaca and $1,000.00 towards the costs of travel for observation or other research-related activities, or a professional meeting. Eligible expenses include travel, meals, lodging, meeting registration and preparation of presentation materials.

Go to Visit Ithaca for information on travel to Ithaca.

Students will be eligible to apply to on-campus housing facilities and dining plans. We will make information available as soon as it is made public by the University.

We strongly encourage eligible students to apply to the Leadership Alliance in addition to our program.

First selections will be announced no earlier than March 1, 2024.

For other summer astronomy opportunities, visit the Internship and Summer Jobs page of the American Astronomical Society; NASA's One Stop Shopping Initiative; the Institute for Broadening Participation's Pathways to Science; the National Science Foundation's Astronomy REU page.

The REU program is funded by the National Science Foundation, award NST/AST-1950324.

Cornell University is an equal opportunity employer.