Study abroad offers a great opportunity to gain a deeper perspective on a topic as well as the chance to explore new subjects as well as languages and cultures.

Courses and Credit Approval

Your Education Abroad Advisor in Global Learning can't tell you what classes you should take while abroad. To find information on specific courses available to you through this Global Learning program, go to the program’s website by following the link in the “Snapshot” section of the Overview page.

To obtain approval for your credits earned abroad, Use your college's Study Abroad Course Approval and Participation form, which you will access from your Global Learning application. This form is a required part of the application process and must be completed (all signatures in place) by the deadline. 

Remember that you must study the language (or take a course in the language) of the host country when studying in a non-English speaking country for a semester or year.

On the Global Learning website you will find a list of current returned students who have agreed to share contact information, stories from students in their own words, and selections of recommended programs in these categories: Cornell Global Programs, College Administered, Global Issues, STEM-focused, and Beyond Europe.

Online Course Registration

All students (domestic and exchange/visiting) register for courses at the same time through the online course registration system (called the Yonsei Portal system) and therefore getting a spot in some courses may be competitive. Yonsei University does not guarantee registration for any specific courses. Exchange/visiting students are advised to plan ahead with academic counselors at their home university to make sure that requirements are met and that credits can transfer. Please do not wait until the last minute to start registering for courses, as you may encounter technical problems that cannot be resolved immediately.

Restricted Majors:

Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Music, MBA, Law School, Some courses offered at the Songdo International Campus(mostly UIC courses) However, this may subject to change from semester to semester.

Business Courses:

Business courses are in high demand every semester, so they are strictly open to business major students only. Maximum of three (4) classes on the subject per semester is allowed. (subject to change.)

Course Level:

Undergraduate course numbers range from 1000 (lower division) to 4000 (upper division). For example, ECO1234 would be a lower division course and ECO4567 would be an upper division course. 5000-level courses and above are graduate courses.

Course Load:

Undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Korean Language Institute (KLI) courses are 6 credits. Therefore, students who take a KLI course will need to take at least one other course worth 3 credits to meet the minimum. Students who carry fewer credits than the minimum will be dropped from the program and may lose their visa status.

Searching Courses in English:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate and Graduate".
  3. Search for the course that you want to take by choosing Major, Semester, and/or college.
  4. Check the box marked "English Courses Only" to search for courses taught in English

Korean Language Courses:

Since 2013 Spring Semester, Yonsei University has been offering an Afternoon Korean Language Institute (KLI) Course for incoming exchange and visiting students. Taking a Korean Language Course is optional. Please refer to the following new Korean Language Course Module for your plan of Korean Language Study. 
If you feel burdened to take a 6 credit KLI Korean Language Course, you can consider a 3 credit Korean Language Course, IEE3341 Korean (1), offered by Office of International Office.

About KLI Korean Language Course

  1. Levels: 6
  2. Time Period: 8-9 class period (4:00-6:00 pm)
  3. Total In-class Hour: About 160 hours (Monday to Friday for 16 weeks)
  4. Credit: 6 credits (This credit should be counted towards the Maximum Credit limit)
  5. Course Code: KLI1001~KLI1006
  6. Course Title: Intensive Korean Language Course Level 1- 6
  7. Registration for the course: Through the Yonsei Portal site's Undergraduate Course Enrollment system

    ※ How to find courses: Yonsei Portal Service - Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate - Undergraduate Programs - Study Abroad Course - Korean Language - KLI1001~KLI1006

  8. Note: Selection of a Level for a Intensive Korean Language Course should be based on the student's own judgment, as there will be a mandatory Placement Test on the first day of class to adjust his or her Korean Language Course level. If the level is too difficult or too easy, change the course level during the Course Add and Drop Period.