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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2021
  • Summer 2021


Diane Miller

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Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

The Summer Experience Grant application has closed for all students. We are no longer accepting applications.

We have created an eligibility screening that students can complete anonymously. The screening is NOT attached to your application. We encourage you to complete the screening BEFORE beginning your application. Based on your answers, you will receive feedback about the eligibility and viability of your summer experience as it relates to SEG requirements and guidelines. 

Complete the eligibility screening by clicking this link.


The Summer Experience Grant (SEG) is a collection of summer funding awards that provide financial support for students to complete summer unpaid or minimally paid career-related experiences. SEG supports students with living expenses, transportation, and travel so that these essential experiences are available to all of our students, who may otherwise not be able to afford them. The selection process is competitive, as we receive a large number of high quality applications for a limited amount of funding. Each college’s career office reviews applications for their own students. Administration of the grant is coordinated by A&S Career Development.

The Summer Experience Grant application connects students to a variety of summer funding opportunities based on their primary college. See details below about the funding available to students:


Students in all undergraduate colleges outside of Arts & Sciences will be considered for Student Assembly SEG awards. The maximum award is $3,000/student.


Undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences will be considered for A&S specific awards. For 2021 we have over $500,000 in grant funding available to A&S students with qualifying experiences. Visit the eligibility criteria on our website and take the eligibility screening above to determine if your experience qualifies. 

A&S funds have a maximum award of $5,000/student. Students residing in university housing (at Cornell or elsewhere) and/or students on financial aid with high need may exceed the $5000 limit. These applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Students should ensure that their budget form and application are detailed and thorough.  

In addition to funding available for all eligible experiences there is funding available for students on financial aid, students that are first generation, experiences in the field of journalism/communication, and experiences in think tank/government in Washington, DC (Berger Grant). Students wishing to be considered for the Berger Grant must have a faculty member complete a short recommendation survey. 


Students in ILR will be considered for Student Assembly SEG awards and a variety of ILR Alumni-Funded Awards. ILR provides funding to both BSILR and MILR students. MILRs are not eligible for the Student Assembly SEG awards. However, MILRs are eligible for some ILR specific awards and should apply through the SEG application. BSILR students that apply to the SEG will be considered for both Student Assembly SEG and ILR specific awards.


Students in CALS will be considered for Student Assembly SEG awards and CALS specific awards.


If you have questions about the process you can email them directly to You can also set up an appointment to discuss summer funding using this link. On Wednesday, March 24 at 6pm we will be doing a virtual presentation to walk students through the application process. Register using this link.

For more information about eligibility, the application process, timeline; visit our website.