Minimum GPA: 3.75

Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2025


Emily Dougherty

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning

Off-campus partner:

Cambridge, University of


This program has an application deadline. Applications for Spring 2025 open on October 1.

Opportunity Description

Fil out the Cambridge Interest Form to be notified of when advising for this program begins and the application is available. 

The Spring Semester Program at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge offers an exceptional opportunity to experience life as an undergraduate in one of the most distinguished university cities in the world. This prestigious program requires you to meet the same high standards as those applying for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge.

What is unique about this program?

Learning at Cambridge is about depth.  This program should not be used as a way of fulfilling general requirements, and you are expected to take courses in the subject area of your major. The subjects on offer include: Economics; Education; English; History; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic; Archaeology; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; History of Art; Linguistics; Philosophy; Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion. Most Cambridge degrees have two sections, known as Part I and Part II, and you can generally choose courses from both Parts (most commonly Part IB)

You will select two Papers, one in each of the two terms which comprise the semester. There are certain limitations to the courses available to Spring Semester Program students: some courses are suitable only if you have considerable previous training, e.g. in econometrics, while other Papers may be unviable if vital lectures are delivered in the first term. Once you are admitted to the program you will receive advice on how to choose your courses. A list of courses can be found on the relevant faculty and department websites.

Semester students do not take the regular University exams, known as Tripos exams.  Instead, you will take College exams designed to reflect what you have studied during your two terms. The assessment for grading purposes is made on the basis of these exams and on your coursework.

What is unique about Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the most remarkable places in Europe with an unbroken and impressive link, dating back over 800 years, to first class education and scholarship. Its famous alumni, including Newton, Darwin and Turing; Erasmus, Wittgenstein and Greer; Wordsworth, Byron and Tennyson; Thackeray, Rushdie and Byatt; Thompson, Mendes and Weisz, have illuminated all branches of learning, endeavor and enterprise. Poets, politicians and philosophers have lived and worked here and continue to inspire those who follow them.

How do I apply?

Applying to study abroad at Cambridge is a multi-step process, and applications are due much earlier than most other programs.  Students must plan ahead to be successful.  Approval from the Office of Global Learning and from your college must be obtained before you may move forward with an official application to Pembroke College. 

Applications open on October 1 with a deadline of November 15.

  • For Cornell Approval, click on the "Apply" button on this webpage. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Office of Global Learning following the deadline.  Students will be notified via email regarding approval and next steps in the application process.

After you receive Cornell approval to move forward with the application process, you will be asked to complete an external application directly on Pembroke College's website.  Further instructions about this will be provided upon approval.