Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2023

Cornell Affiliations:

Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

The Nexus Scholars Program in the College of Arts & Sciences provides undergraduate students with summer opportunities to work side by side with faculty from all across the college (humanities, social sciences, and STEM) on their research projects. Along with the summer research experience, the program offers professional development workshops, career exploration events, and the chance to be part of a cohort from throughout the college who are passionate about learning.

Recipients may conduct research in any discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences and will be paid up to $7,000 for full-time work during the eight and a half week summer program on the Cornell campus in Ithaca. Nexus Scholars are selected based on their interest in research, their ability to work collaboratively, and their potential to contribute to the field. Students who are early in their academic careers and from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The application asks students to select one or two faculty mentors whose research interests them and describe their interest in working in the selected research areas. Students can find a list of faculty and projects on this website.

Applicants who have already identified a faculty mentor who is not included in this list can also apply.  Students will need to describe their research project and have a relationship with that faculty member in order to propose their own faculty mentor project. It is recommended that students reach out to the faculty member they propose to work with before submitting their application.

Applications will open in late October.