Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2024
    May 30, 2024 to July 31, 2024

Cornell Affiliations:

Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

The Nexus Scholars Program in the College of Arts & Sciences provides undergraduate students with summer opportunities to work side by side with faculty from all across the college (humanities, social sciences, and STEM) on their research projects. Along with the summer research experience, the program offers professional development workshops, career exploration events, and the chance to be part of a cohort from throughout the college who are passionate about learning.

Recipients may conduct research in any discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences and will be paid full-time work during the course of the program on the Cornell campus in Ithaca. Nexus Scholars are selected based on their interest in research, their ability to work collaboratively, and their potential to contribute to the field. Students who are early in their academic careers and from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The application asks students to select one or two faculty mentors whose research interests them and describe their interest in working in the selected research areas. Students can find a list of faculty and projects on this website.

Application Instructions: 

In order apply for this program you will need to apply two places. The first place is here on the Cornell Experience Site. Once you complete that, you will need to apply through the student jobs board on the Workday posting related to the Student Research Assistant Classification listed on the faculty project.  Individual faculty project descriptions are listed on the Nexus Scholars Program website here 

  1. Before you start this application, download this Word template to help you prepare and complete the specific questions outside of this form. This will help you formulate your response and we will ask it to be completed and updated on the Workday application. Once completed: 

  1. Click on the Apply button below to fill out the Cornell Experience application for the Nexus Scholars Program. You can use the template downloaded above to copy and paste paragraph questions into the form responses. On this application, you will complete the following form pages. You can see the specific questions on each page on the application preview button below.  

  • Academic and Personal Information  

  • Essay questions  

  • Faculty Selection where you will rank your 2 top projects and professors and rationale for interest in their project 

  • Upload a copy of your resume 

  1. Once you complete this application, you will need to apply to the corresponding posting on Workday based on the project(s) you ranked. You may need to apply to two positions on Workday based on the Student Research Assistant classification level listed on the project descriptions on the website for each of the faculty projects you selected on this application. On Workday you will: 

  • Fill out the standard Student Employee application questions.  

  • Attach the following: 

    - A copy of your resume (this should be the same you submitted on the Experience application). 

    - A completed copy of the template you used above with your essay questions filled in. Your responses on the template you submit and the Experience application should be the same.   

Applications will open in November