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Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2023
    January 23, 2023 to May 20, 2023


Lauren Brown

Cornell Affiliations:

Architecture, Art and Planning, Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

Focused on the intersection of urbanism, design, and the humanities, the Mellon Seminars bring together faculty and students from multiple colleges and disciplines to think deeply about the city and its many representations, sharing and exploring methodologies, technologies, and pedagogies in the study of the urban condition. This opportunity, brings together faculty and students from AAP + A&S to think deeply about the city and its many representations, and centers around equity and justice in the built environment.

Design Justice Workshops are offered in the fall semester and focus on research and design as it relates to race and social justice in American urban environments.

Urban Justice Labs are offered in the spring semester and focus on race and social justice within interrelated American urban/rural contexts. These seminars enable student collaboration with the Cornell Library and Cornell's Johnson Art Museum to research collections dedicated to urban challenges related to race and social justice in the United States. For spring 2023: Seeing to Be in the Aftermath (AMST 6809, ARCH 6319, ART 6419, ASRC 6819, ENGL 6919, SHUM 6819)

Each seminar is taught by faculty from both the humanities and urban/architecture design disciplines, and each seeks to enroll highly motivated graduate students from design and humanities majors.