URV Faculty of Business and Economics Undergraduate Courses in English

Students have the option to take selected courses in English at the undergraduate level, and those with approved language skills may take undergraduate courses in Spanish.  All students must take at least one language course in Catalan or Spanish.

Academic Policies

  • Students must enroll in a full course load while abroad (equivalent to 15 credit hours). At URV, ILR students must enroll in four full-time courses during their semester abroad.
  • Students must enroll in a Catalan or Spanish language course (multiple levels offered).
  • Students can earn up to 15 ILR elective credits.
  • Courses have to be approved for ILR elective credit.
  • Students will receive credit for academic coursework completed abroad that is equivalent to a Cornell grade of "C."
  • Students cannot take courses as Pass/Fail.
  • All courses and grades will appear on the Cornell transcript in the same format as they are recorded on the original transcript generated by the host institution.
  • Grades are not calculated in the overall GPA.

URV Courses Taken in Previous Semesters

These are some of the courses that ILR students have taken in previous semesters within the Faculty of Business and Economics at URV.  This list does not include language courses taken in previous semesters.  Some courses are only offered in the fall and others only in the spring. Check the course offerings using the link above to see which courses are offered during the semester you are applying to study at URV.  Not all courses on this list are approved for ILR elective credit.

Course NumberCourse Name
16214003Company Organization
16214006Principles of Applied Economics
16214101Financial Management: Investment
16214102Financial Management: Finance
16214105World Economy
16214109Human Resources Management
16214114Fundamentals of Marketing
16214201International Marketing
16214202International Finance
16214203International Economics
16214204International Economic Relations
16214205International Commercial Law