John Richard Callister

Cornell Affiliations:

Entrepreneurship at Cornell, Engineering


Opportunity Description

Are you an entrepreneurial undergraduate student with a great idea to impact society?

Have you designed a new, innovative product as part of a class, research or in your garage?

Have you developed a physical prototype that you think is feasible to take to market?

The Cornell Engineering Innovation Award Competition is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurial students from across the breadth of engineering majors. The Innovation Competition offers student teams that have been working on developing physical prototypes and more fully demonstrated innovations the chance to compete for prizes to support their next stages in the development of their “real world” ideation and concept demonstration experiences. This competition will enable students who win the awards to continue with their goal of bringing new products to market.

The Cornell Engineering Innovation Award Competition is a college-wide competition open to all engineering students. Students who have developed business concepts and prototypes in their own “garages” and outside the formal engineering curriculum are encouraged to apply.

The innovation teams may include a broad range of students from across the entire university (for example students with expertise in user interface design) and from all levels (undergraduate to Ph.D.). However, as an undergraduate focused competition, undergraduate students from the engineering college must constitute a majority of each participating team.

Competition winners will win monetary awards and the chance to participate in future startup opportunities.