Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2024
    August 21, 2024 to December 20, 2024
  • Academic Year 2024-25
    August 21, 2024 to June 14, 2024
  • Spring 2025
    January 7, 2025 to June 14, 2025


Kristen Grace

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning

Off-campus partner:

Consortium for Advanced Studies (CASA)


CASA Sevilla


Open to students with advanced Spanish in all majors

Unique opportunities for students interested in health and/or migration studies

Excellent option for heritage speakers seeking to get their Spanish to a professional level

Opportunity Description

Go beyond the classroom! With CASA Sevilla, you study alongside Spanish students in the university and take courses in the program center that lead you into the community. 

The CASA-Sevilla program makes it impossible to drift through your five months in Spain without fully experiencing Seville, with its rich history, its proud Andalusian people, its incredible food, and its quintessentially Spanish culture. - Brigid

Special Course Options

  • Core course: Beyond the Stereotypes: Encountering the History, Society, Language & Culture of Seville (every semester)
  • Fall-only: Anthropology of Health & Healthcare in Spain
  • Spring-only: Immigration in Spain from a Political, Legal, and Social Perspective

What is Unique about CASA-Sevilla?

CASA-Sevilla is a full immersion program that goes one step further into the community so that you truly get to know Spain and improve your Spanish.

Over the semester or year, you will:

  • Take university courses with local students
  • Explore history, culture and language through active learning in the classroom, around the city, and beyond
  • Get to know the community through engaged, project-based work
  • Create a portfolio with a personally designed project that you complete with an individual mentor
  • Live in a Spanish household

Academic Calendar

Fall - Late August to last Friday before Christmas

Spring - early January to early June* (*exams run end of May to mid-June; students may be able to arrange early exams with faculty permission)

What is Unique about Sevilla?

Seville is an ideal place to explore Spain’s dynamic present and fascinating past.  In Seville, students grapple with the combination of cultures, aesthetic and religious traditions that are sometimes integrated and sometimes superimposed on one another. As such, the city provides a vantage point for the study of contemporary Spain where the complex amalgam of Spanish history can be seen in it architecture and art, in struggles for power, in the socio-centrism of families, neighborhoods, cities, and regions, and in moments of confrontation between different parts of Spain, between Spain and its former colonies, and between Spain and the rest of Europe.

The contributions of various cultures have left Seville with a distinct personality and a large and well-preserved historical center. Founded by the Romans, the city is over 2200 years old and boasts several significant archaeological sites, including the extensively excavated nearby Itálica, the third largest city in the Roman Empire. Throughout the centuries, Seville maintained a prominent position – as the capital of several Moorish dynasties and the economic epicenter of the Spanish colonial expansion and trade. Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus sailed the world from Seville. The General Archives of the Indies, one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Seville, offers unequaled opportunities for research of Spanish colonial period.   Today Seville is a dynamic, bustling and sophisticated European city with a rich array of restaurants, festivals, public rituals, music, theater, movies, and wonderful parks, river walks, and boat tours. There is something to please everyone.

Life in Seville

Seville is an affordable city compared with other cities in Spain and Europe -- a great home base!

Learn more about cultural activities included at CASA-Sevilla

Learn more about daily life and activities CASA-Sevilla

Returned Students Contacts

Students returning from Seville report the highest satisfaction of all of the Spanish-speaking programs due to the level of integration they experience. For returned student contact information, reach out to

Some Tips:

  • Go to the “Get Advice” page for Global Learning-Education Abroad to find information on drop-in advising hours, scheduling an advising appointment, returned student contacts, and college advisors for study abroad

How do I apply?

  • Everything you need for Cornell approval and for admission to the program is handled through the Cornell application using the green "Apply" button below
  • Completed applications are reviewed early after the relevant transcripts are available* and again at the program application deadline.  *Completed applications include the most recent spring transcript for the following spring study abroad and the fall transcript for fall/year abroad
  • After admission, students submit their information directly to CASA Sevilla via the program portal