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Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2021-22


Diane Miller

Cornell Affiliations:

Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

Arts & Sciences Student Contribution Funding is provided by generous alumni donations. The funding provides partial support for A&S undergraduate students who participated in an unpaid or minimally paid summer experience and therefore were unable to save money for their Student Contribution, as designated by Financial Aid. This funding is NOT meant to cover the entirety of your Student Contribution, rather it is meant to help alleviate the financial burden of an unpaid/minimally paid summer experience and/or extenuating circumstances.

Students selected for funding awards will receive it as a credit on their Bursar bill. The total award will be split, half in the Fall semester and half in the Spring semester. If a student has only one semester remaining, the total award will be applied as a credit to the Fall semester Bursar bill.

Students with an eligible experience (see below) during Summer 2021 are encouraged to apply. Funding decisions will be made based on class year and demonstration of financial need.  Submission of an application does not guarantee funding.




  • Currently enrolled, matriculated, full-time undergraduate Arts & Sciences student in a degree-granting program and in good academic standing.
    • External or internal transfer students to the College of Arts & Sciences for Fall 2021 are eligible.
    • Students who are transferring to another college or school at Cornell for Fall 2021 are not eligible for funding.
    • First-semester first-year students are not eligible.
  • Returning to complete at least one full-time semester of coursework towards their Bachelor of Arts degree at Cornell following the summer experience.
    • Students who are taking a leave of absence for the Fall 2021 semester are not eligible.
  • Completing a career-related eligible summer experience that is unpaid or minimally paid*
  • Receiving financial aid from Cornell for the 2021-2022 academic year and have a Student Contribution amount greater than $0.  We cannot fund the "Parent Contribution" in lieu of the "Student Contribution".


  • Career-related experience supervised by a staff member at an organization – it does not have to be a formal internship.
  • Research assistant experience supervised by a principal investigator, faculty member, or at a research organization.
  • Volunteer experience supervised by a staff member at an organization.
  • Remote experience supervised by a staff member at an organization.


  • Fee-based programs - any program that charges tuition or a fee. Exceptions may be made for programs in the performing arts, on a case-by-case basis.  (Students outside of performing arts: if you believe that your experience should qualify, contact us to discuss).
  • Cornell in Washington, Practicing Medicine, Cornell Pre-Law Summer Program, Global Health minor programs, or any other college-based program charging tuition/program fees (at Cornell or any other university).
  • Research that is supervised by a graduate student or undergraduate student. Research experiences must be supervised by a principal investigator or faculty member.
  • Personal research projects, personal projects, or personal entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Student or student-run entrepreneurial ventures, or student organization-related projects.
  • Summer courses at Cornell or elsewhere.