Jennifer DeRosa

Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2018

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences


Opportunity Description

November 1-4, 2018 | Kansas City, MO

AFA Leaders Conference provides leader development and networking opportunities for college men and women who are preparing for careers in agriculture and food-related fields. Leaders Conference bridges the gap between academic, leadership and work experiences while helping students understand the impact of their decisions. Students are given the opportunity to network with peers and leaders in the agriculture industry as well as increase their excitement about the future of agriculture by creating awareness about career opportunities in food and agriculture.

Opportunity Fair:  The AFA Opportunity Fair provides a unique environment for human resource and company representatives to communicate, advocate and mentor AFA students about opportunities available within the industry. Corporations, associations and colleges/universities representing the span of the industry recruit AFA students for internships, full-time employment and graduate studies.

Important Items to Consider

Students who have a successful application may be selected for employer or college sponsorship covering conference fees, meals & hotel accommodations.  

Round trip flights for the conference usually range from $400 - $600.  Additional transportation costs may include cabs/shuttles, parking, gas, etc.  To help CALS students who were selected to participate and who have confirmed his/her participation, the college will provide $100 to help off-set transportation costs.  All other costs are the sole responsibility of the student. 

There is a short window of time between being notified of your participation selection and when you have to confirm attendance (just a couple of days).  Students applying should think about how they will coordinate the funds they need to participate in advance.


Hint:  application reviewers like to see well-constructed and detailed applications, including insightful and reflective short essay responses.  Start your application early and make sure to put some time into it.