Minimum GPA: 3.75

Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2024-25
  • Spring 2025


Emily Dougherty

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning

Off-campus partner:

Oxford, University of


This program has a very early application deadline. Late applications cannot be considered.

Applications for Academic Year 2024-2025 and Spring 2025 open on October 1.

Opportunity Description

Fil out the Oxford Interest Form to be notified of when advising for this program begins and the application is available. 

Oxford University is world-famous for academic excellence. They admit the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course.

What is unique about this program?

The University of Oxford is comprised of 35 colleges and halls which admit, teach, and house undergraduates for the roughly 50 major degree programs offered by the University.  Only a handful of colleges accept visiting non-degree students.  The Office of Global Learning works closely with:

The University of Oxford strongly preferences (and in some cases requires) visiting student applications for the Academic Year.  Some colleges will consider an applicant to study with them for just the spring terms (Hilary and Trinity terms).*  However, priority is always given to applicants for the full academic year, and Cornell supports this.  Students considering study in Oxford should be committed to a full year of study and appreciate the full "Oxford experience".  

At Oxford, a "Tutor" is a member of academic staff. They are experts in their field, and tutorials are a chance to get individualized teaching from them. At least once a week in each subject (course) studied, groups of 1-3 students will spend an hour with their tutor, discussing a topic in depth. This personalized attention means that you will face rigorous academic challenges on a weekly basis, encouraging and facilitating your learning in a way that just isn’t possible in a lecture.  Students are expected to prepare for tutorials with intense, individual reading and writing, so you should expect to spend much more time outside of class learning your subjects.

Visiting students at Oxford should not expect to study within more than one department, except in cases where Oxford offers a joint degree (e.g. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, or "PPE"). Successful applicants will pursue a course of study at Oxford that most closely aligns with their major at Cornell, and who have completed at least 4-5 relevant courses within that field. Note that some subjects, such as Management/Finance are extremely limited, especially for the spring term.

What is unique about Oxford?

Oxford is a youthful and cosmopolitan city with plenty to see and do. There are dozens of historic and iconic buildings, including the Bodleian Libraries, Ashmolean Museum, Sheldonian Theater, the cathedral and the colleges. In the city center you will find lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, pubs and clubs. There are plenty of green spaces too: riverside walks, England’s oldest botanic garden, the University Parks and college gardens.

How do I apply?

Applying to study abroad at Oxford is a multi-step process, and applications are due much earlier than most other programs.  Students must plan ahead to be successful.  Approval from the Office of Global Learning and from your college must be obtained before you may move forward with an official application to Oxford. 

Applications open on October 1 with a deadline of November 15.

  • For Cornell Approval, click on the "Apply" button on this webpage. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Office of Global Learning following the deadline.  Students will be notified via email regarding approval and next steps in the application process.

*Any students who are considering study in Oxford for just the spring terms must be prepared to apply early, alongside the full year applicants (no exceptions), and be prepared to meet heightened eligibility requirements as a result of limited space and increased competition for admission. If your Global Learning advisor finds that your application is not strong enough for admission for the spring, she may recommend alternative program options.