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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019
  • Winter 2019


Kristen Grace

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning


Global Learning


Opportunity Description

For Summer and Short-Term Study Abroad, Cornell asks that you register your summer plans when you are going abroad for credit so that we can include you in coverage that Cornell provides and faculty, students, and staff who are “on university business” away from campus.  We can also count you as having an international experience.  Registering your summer study places you in the international Travel Registry which enables the university to contact you in an emergency. 

The Summer Registration process facilitates the communication of essential health and safety information and travel itinerary details.  You will be asked to give basic information about the program you will be attending. Upon return from your program, you will work with your college advisor to transfer the credit back to Cornell.

For more information on Cornell University and college requirements for credit earned abroad as well as information on how courses and grades appear on the Cornell transcript, go to the Office of Global Learning website

Please note: Completion of this Short-Term Registration does not provide or guarantee credit transfer approval for your studies abroad.   


Returning Applicants