Billing Overview

Students are billed their regular Cornell tuition for their semester or academic year abroad. Additional expenses are paid directly by the student prior to arrival or on-site. These expenses may include visa, round-trip airfare, housing, meals, books, and other personal expenses.

The Office of Global Learning prepares a budget based on the Total Estimated Costs of Attendance (see below for a sample).  For more information, see the Finances page.

Financial Aid

If you are eligible for financial aid when you are on campus, you will maintain your aid eligibility when you study abroad for a semester or year, subject to the same conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Aid awards are re-packaged to accommodate the Total Estimated Cost of Attendance of your semester/year abroad, using the estimated budget prepared by Global Learning (see sample below).

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) remains the same for the academic year.

If the total budgeted costs are more than the cost of a semester/year at Cornell, your aid package will likely be increased. Likewise, if your budgeted costs are less than a semester/year at Cornell, aid will be appropriately reduced to reflect your decreased need.

The work-study allocation for a semester/year abroad is converted to a loan.  Students have the option of accepting or declining the loan, but in situations where loans are declined there will not be an offer of replacement aid.

Financial Aid is disbursed 10 days before the start of Cornell’s term.

Budget Breakdown

The Office of Global Learning provides the below estimated budget so you can understand the total estimated cost of attendance of your program and how each aspect will be charged.   Whether these expenses are billed by Cornell through the bursar system or paid by you directly, all estimated expenses below are eligible for financial aid (if relevant).

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance*

(Represents Spring 2023 estimates)

Endowed or Contract College
Contract College
Costs Billable by University Bursar  Out of State  In-State
Cornell University Tuition $32,602 $21,944
Sub-Total to be Billed via CU Bursar $32,602 $21,944
Estimated Additional Costs    
(payable on-site or prior to departure)    
Accommodations (estimated £155/week, contract is 15 weeks) $3,023 $3,023
Meals (estimated £125/week x 13 weeks) $2,113 $2,113
Books and Supplies $325 $325
Local transportation $200 $200
Estimated Int'l Airfare (East Coast departure) $850 $850
Personal Expenses $1,268 $1,268
Sub-Total Costs Paid Directly by Student $7,778 $7,778
Total Cost of Attendance (estimated) $40,380 $29,722

*Estimate based on 2023-24 tuition rates and exchange rates in effect in May 2023.

NOTE: Cost information on program web pages is updated over the summer. Official budgets are prepared with information available at the time of preparation (see below).

Official Budget

The Office of Global Learning will send you your official budget via email in May for fall/year students and in October for spring students. If you share the email address(es) of your parent or guardian in your application, we will send them a copy as well. A copy of your budget will be sent to Financial Aid automatically.  This is the budget that the Financial Aid Office will use to calculate your aid package for your semester/year abroad, if relevant.


If your program charges a deposit, this will be paid by the Office of Global Learning on your behalf. Note: deposits for housing are paid directly by the student.