Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2023

Cornell Affiliations:

SC Johnson Business - Dyson


Students pursuing the Business Minor for Life Sciences are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity toward a summer internship or summer experience.

Opportunity Description

About the Mullarkey Fund for Experiential Learning

Thanks to the generosity of Kimberly and David Mullarkey, a fund was established at Cornell to help students pursuing the Business Minor for Life Sciences.

This funding can support co-curricular, experiential opportunities at the intersection of business and life sciences. Unpaid or *minimally paid summer internships, mentorships, externships, research, or other approved learning experiences in life science/business intersection qualify for funding. 

Upon acceptance of receiving this funding, students are expected to provide check-ins over the summer and a final one-page narrative of learning outcomes from their summer experience. Photos or other documentation during the experience is highly encouraged. Students are also expected to include a message of gratitude to Dyson’s generous donor for supporting this opportunity.

If you meet the criteria for this opportunity and have a summer experience in mind that you’d like to be considered for funding, please submit an application.

*Examples of a minimally paid internship or experience include: a minimum wage paying experience, a lunch allowance, small stipend, or an honorarium. Stipends and other forms of compensation should be included on the budget and will be deducted from the requested amount and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you are awarded and find out later that you will receive compensation, the amount will be deducted from the original award. Generally, a minimally paid experience is one where your living expenses for the summer exceed your income.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until May 19, 2023. We recommend submitting early for priority consideration.