Bocconi University Courses

ILR students can take courses in English or Italian in the following subject areas: Accounting, Decision Sciences, Economics, Finance, Law, Marketing, Management, and Social and Political Sciences. Additionally, all ILR students must take a pre-semester Italian language crash course at Bocconi University (not for credit).  Beginning-level to advanced-level language courses are offered.

Academic Policies

  • Students must enroll in a full course load while abroad (equivalent to 15 credit hours).  At Bocconi, ILR students must enroll in four full-time courses during their semester abroad.
  • Students must enroll in all courses as attending students.
  • Students must enroll in a pre-semester Italian language crash course offered at Bocconi.
  • Students can earn up to 15 ILR elective credits.
  • Courses have to be approved for ILR elective credit.
  • Students will receive credit for academic coursework completed abroad that is equivalent to a Cornell grade of "C."
  • Students cannot take courses as Pass/Fail.
  • All courses and grades will appear on the Cornell transcript in the same format as they are recorded on the original transcript generated by the host institution.
  • Grades are not calculated in the overall GPA.

Bocconi Courses Taken in Previous Semesters

These are some of the courses that ILR students have taken in previous semesters.  Some courses are only offered in the fall and others only in the spring. Check the course offerings using the link above to see which courses are offered during the semester you are applying to study at Bocconi.  Not all courses on this list are approved for ILR elective credit.

Course NumberCourse Name
30004Law - Module 2 (Public Law)
30006Financial Markets and Institutions
30008Fundamentals of Organization
30012Business Strategy
30034Management of Public and Not for Profit Organizations
30048Introduction to the Legal System-Module 2
30054International and Monetary Economics
30077Philosophy of Art
30145Development Economics
30151Principles of International Finance
30153Organization Theory
30154Technology and Innovation Management
30177Financial Modelling
30185Business Valuation
30195Economics (Poverty, Inequality and Income Distribution)
30196International Relations
30209Management of Competition and Innovation in High-Tech
30211Lean Management
30215International Business and Management
30262Leadership Skills
30283Markets, Organizations, and Incentives
30313Economics of Institutions and Culture 
30331Political Philosophy
30335Political Economics
30341Management of Government Organizations
30342Public Governance
30345Media and Political Communication
30372Global History
30376Communication and Cultural Consumption Decisions
30378The Transformation of Cultural Sector and Art Market: Critical Issues and Cases
30380The Global Industry of Imaginaries
30383Digital Disruption and Entrepreneurship
30387Climate Change Economics
30428Introduction to the Legal System Module 1
30433Finance Module 1 Corporate Finance
30434Finance-Module 2 (Financial Markets and Institutions)
30444Public Management
30483Politics of Advanced Democracies
30492Entrepreneurship and New Business Startup
30497Health and Society
30508Public Economics
30510Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Current Challenges
30512International Nonprofit Organizations and Strategic Philanthropy
30518Introduction to Blockchain
30548Decision Theory and Human Behavior
30573History of European Integration
30576Institutions and Global Strategy
50222European Union Law