Academic Calendar

Spring Semester (semester B):

  • Semester Begins: Mid-March
  • Semester Ends: Late June

Students interested in attending HUJI will only be able to do so for the full academic year OR the spring semester only due to the late end date of the fall semester. Students cannot miss the start of the Cornell spring semester and accommodations for early exams cannot be made for HUJI exams in January. 

For exact program dates, reference the full academic calendar


CALS Exchange students must enroll in the equivalent of 15 US credit hours. All students are advised to be as flexible as possible with their module requirements. There are no guarantees for any modules at HUJI, and some modules are in high demand and will be difficult to register for. The language of instruction at HUJI is English for MSc courses. Students will register for MSc courses. When choosing courses make sure to check that you meet the prerequisites and there is no overlap in your class schedule. 

Review the courses taught in English reference sheet. You can find specific subject courses at the bottom of the HUJI application instruction page. 

Students who participate in an exchange program must take a foreign language course. HUJI offers 20 sessions of Hebrew language classes (Ulpan). 

A credit hour equivalency and grading scale conversion chart is available for reference.