Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2024
  • Fall 2024
  • Academic Year 2024-25
  • Spring 2025


Kristen Grace

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Global Learning




ISARA is not currently open for applications. Check with Kristen Grace about future terms

Opportunity Description

In 2011, CALS partnered with France Agro3: French Network for Education and Research in Life Sciences, a group formed by three French higher education institutions that specialize in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences to offer unique pathways that include a semester of coursework in addition to experiential learning and research opportunities.  

This exchange program is recommended for CALS students in Agricultural Sciences, Environment & Sustainability, Food Sciences, and Global Development.

What is unique about this program?

ISARA Lyon is a French 'grande école" specialized in agricultural, food and environmental science. For over 50 years, ISARA has offered a curricular pedagogy combining theory and practice in agriculture, environment & natural resources management, agrifood, food & industrial management, sustainable rural development, and markets & corporate management. With modern scientific and technical laboratories, ISARA offers unique programming and coursework. 

Fall (tracks in English)

  • Agroecology
  • Sustainable Development in the Food Industry

Spring (tracks in English)

  • Agriculture, Environment, and Resource Management
  • Food Science and Management of Food Industries

What is unique about Lyon, France?

Lyon is the third largest city in France and second largest urban area. Lyon is home to approximately 163,000 students, of which about 16,000 are international students. The city is known for its cuisine and gastronomy with part of it registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lyon is located about 2 hours from Paris and Marseilles (TGV high speed train), close to the Alps (ski resorts) and the Mediterranean Sea. Rhône-Alps natural diversity (Mediterranean and temperate climate, plains and mountains) offer a wide range of activities relating to agriculture and food. Fruit and vegetable cropping as well as cattle breeding are important production sectors, renown vineyards are located in Beaujoloais area and in the Rhône Valley. You can learn more about living in Lyon

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What is unique about the CALS Exchange Program

Since 1954, CALS has offered their students unique opportunities to study abroad via the CALS Exchange program. CALS students are able to internationalize their academic experience by integrating themselves into a partner university abroad, taking classes and living alongside degree-seeking students. The CALS Exchange programs are rooted in, and in many cases designed by, CALS faculty affiliated to an international academic institution or university department that complements your academic program. Students who have previously gone on exchange have found it to be a rewarding experience as it has added an international dimension to their degree, challenged them academically and facilitated the development of new skills, and enhanced their personal growth and self-confidence.

Past Participants

Past participants have submitted feedback about their experiences. These surveys are available for your review. You can also view photos from their time abroad. Email the Office of Global Learning to be connected with a Cornell student who has studied at ISARA. 

How do I apply?

  • Have questions about which abroad program to choose and the application process? Schedule a meeting with an advisor at the Office of Global Learning.
  • Selected your program and have questions about international course approvals or academic policies while abroad? Please reach out to
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