Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2024


Caitlín Barrett

Cornell Affiliations:

Arts and Sciences


Opportunity Description

Would you like to spend part of your summer vacation improving your Greek or Latin (or even start one of the languages from scratch)? If so, then we would love to try to support your endeavors.

The Classics Department would like to announce that up to three fellowships are available for summer study in ancient languages. Each fellowship will cover up to $6000 of the costs incurred, and will be funded by a generous donation from the Beatrice R. Kanders Memorial Scholarships.

We particularly recommend the courses taught at CUNY, in New York, and at UC Berkeley. You can find out more information about these at the Graduate Center, CUNY's Greek/Latin Institute and Greek/Latin Summer Workshops at UC Berkeley.

To apply for a fellowship, please send a brief letter explaining your interest in summer language study and the relevant course-work you have done so far at Cornell, as well as which course you would like to take in the summer and the deadline of the program, along with an estimated budget for tuition and travel expenses. Include a brief statement of support based on coursework experience from your language instructor or your advisor if your instructor is not available. Summer funding is contingent on acceptance into an approved program. Please list the programs you are applying for if there is more than one. The letter should be sent to Ryan Belle by February 20th (