Opportunity Description

The Einhorn Discovery Grant provides funding to Arts and Sciences' students who are pursuing research pertaining to credit (such as independent studies and honors projects or in course-related credit-bearing projects) under the supervision of a Cornell faculty member.

Projects should be clearly and adequately described and should include objectives, background, research methods and a detailed budget.

Budgets must list all costs to be covered and justification for those costs.  

Eligible costs include travel (transportation, hotel, restaurant meals, etc.) and supplies (binding for a thesis, photocopies, lab supplies, software, participant fees in experiments or survey research, etc). Any equipment (lab supplies, books, software, digital recorders or cameras, etc.) is considered Cornell property and must be surrendered to the relevant department or to KG17 Klarman Hall after the research is completed.  Any participant fees or lab expenses for approved projects will be paid directly to the relevant department.

Ineligible costs include day-to-day living expenses (rent, groceries, etc.).

Receipts must be submitted in person in KG17 Klarman Hall not more than one month after costs are incurred or by May 1st of the academic year in which the research was performed, whichever comes first.