College/School Eligibility:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Brooks School of Public Policy
  • Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Human Ecology
  • Industrial and Labor Relations
  • SC Johnson Business - Dyson
  • SC Johnson Business - Hotel

Class Year Eligibility:

  • Third Year (undergrad)
  • Fourth Year + (undergrad)

Open to:

  • Cornell Undergraduate Students

GPA Requirements:

Minimum GPA: 3.00

Program-specific Requirements

The Sciences Po program in Paris is based on an exchange relationship with Cornell.  Each year, Sciences Po sends a student to Cornell, and we can send one full-year student, or in the event that there is no full-year student, two single-semester students.

As a result, the program is competitive.  All applications will be considered at the final deadline.  Students with the strongest rationale for studying at Sciences Po and the strongest promise of success given their academic background (relevant coursework grades) and their level of French have the greatest chances of being selected to be the nominee from Cornell.

  • Compelling rationale to study at Sciences Po
  • Strong relevant academic background for coursework at Sciences Po
  • Excellent background in French:  Minimum level at least one course taught in French beyond FREN 2095 (preferably FREN 2310 or 2180). 
  • B+ or higher overall GPA in their French courses
  • Enrolled in a course taught in French in the semester immediately prior to studying on the program

Students who have special circumstances are invited to discuss their situation with the program advisor in the Office of Global Learning.

General Requirements

  • be in good academic standing
  • be in good disciplinary standing
  • be able to study abroad and graduate on time
  • meet the requirements of the program for admission
  • meet college requirements for approval

College-specific Requirements

Colleges may have specific requirements for study abroad such as GPA, prior study at Cornell, ability to study abroad in your final semester, etc. Learn about your college's policies.

For example, your college may have a higher GPA requirement for approval than what is required by the program itself. Most notably, students in Arts & Sciences must fulfill language requirements prior to studying abroad for a semester.