This program will focus on the following course titled Population Controversies in Europe and the US (3 credit hours). All lectures and discussion sessions are conducted in English. No knowledge of Italian is required.

  • PUBPOL/SOC 3620, Population Controversies in Europe and the US: Population problems are central to societal change in numerous areas- inequality, immigration and diversity, race relations, family life, health and aging, and social welfare systems. This program explores the causes and consequences of population change, paying particular attention to how population processes interact with the social, economic, and political context in which they play out.

Recommended pre-requisite: SOC 1101 or DSOC 1101

PUBPOL/SOC 3620 counts toward the PAM major and minor, the Sociology major, the Health Policy minor, the Demography minor, the Inequality Studies minor, and toward Human Ecology credits for all CHE students.

The course counts toward the 120 credits that Cornell undergraduate students must earn for graduation. Depending on a student's college, the courses may also fulfill other requirements for electives, distribution requirements, or majors.