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Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2022
    September 1, 2022 to December 22, 2022
  • Fall 2021


Brigid Beachler

Cornell Affiliations:

Industrial and Labor Relations

Off-campus partner:

University College Dublin (UCD)


Opportunity Description

The ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program is  a comprehensive collaboration between the ILR School & the Lochlann Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin. The program's mission is to afford ILR students with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of a variety of international dimensions of the ILR field by illuminating issues of work & workplace relations affecting the 28 member nations of the EU.  The curriculum is a joint design of ILR and UCD faculty members.

What makes this program unique?

The ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program was designed to be truly unique among study abroad programs.  With a mission of providing students with a comprehensive comparative study of workplace relations, the curriculum has been designed to include three required courses:  European Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management, Multinational Enterprises in the Global Economy:  Managing People, and Irish History. 

Students will receive 12-16 advanced ILR elective credits for the semester.  Grades will appear on the students' transcripts and will factor into the Cornell GPA.  Students also have the option to complete core courses at UCD including the International & Comparative Labor requirement and the required Economic Policy elective.

In addition to the unique curriculum, we have incorporated two study trips for students during their semester in Dublin.  In conjunction with the European Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management class, students will spend three days and two nights in Brussels, Belgium meeting with members of the European Parliament, Business Europe & the European Trade Union Commission.  An option trip is offered before orientation in September to Florence, Italy.  Students will have direct access to leading European scholars located at the renowned European University Institute in San Domenico di Fiesole & the Center on Social Movement Studies at Scuola Normale Superiore in Palazzo Strozzi in the very centre of Renaissance Florence. The program also includes a European historian specialized in social movements in Tuscany, who will also give ILR students a thematic walking tour of the city of Florence.

Why study in Ireland?

Dublin is a vibrant and multi-cultural city with the youngest and most highly educated population in Europe.  As a country, Ireland is a small open economy and one of the most globalized countries in the world.  More than 700 US companies have operations in Ireland including a strong presence of American tech, pharma & financial services firms. Facebook, Google, Paypal, and Apple (among many others) use Ireland as a bridge to the European market.

Ireland's relatively small size means you can easily explore all of the natural and historic beauty the country has to offer.  Ireland is dotted with medieval castles, neolithic ruins, and spectacular lakes and mountains.  Highlights include the Ring of Kerry, the traditional culture of the Aran Islands, the moon-like landscape of the Burren in Clare, the iconic Cliffs of Moher on Ireland's west coast, and of course, the Blarney Stone!  The city of Dublin itself is home to Phoenix Park, St. Stephen's Green, the vibrant shopping district of Grafton Street, the lovely Dublin Castle, and endless historic and cultural sites, including the always popular, Guinness Factory!

How do I apply?

Students are required to interview with the Director of the ILR/UCD Semester and Dublin Program, complete an application, including an essay explaining their interests in the program.  Students must also complete orientation and cultural pre-departure programming.  All admissions decisions are made by ILR.  Students will need to complete an online application for UCD as well, but this is a formality.