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Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2019-20
  • Spring 2020
  • Academic Year 2020-21
  • Spring 2021


Kristen Grace

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning

Off-campus partner:

Yonsei University


Study on a unique program created for students from Keio University (Tokyo), Yonsei University (Seoul) and Hong Kong University

Develop an enriched understanding of political, economic and cultural realities in East Asia through study in Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong

**Cancelled for AY 20-21 and Spring 21**

Opportunity Description

What is unique about this program?

The unique and signature dimension of the program is the shared cohort experience with a core group of students from the three universities and their 3-Campus partners, Cornell, Georgetown, USC, King's College London, the University of Geneva, and the University of Southern California. This cohort approach, with shared academic and cultural immersion in the three countries, gives students the critical knowledge and skills to forge essential intellectual and personal connections across in each of these leading Asian countries. Graduates of this distinctive 3 Campus Program develop an enriched understanding of the dynamic relations amongst the three pre-eminent nations of East Asia and the past, present and potential future pattern of relationships between East Asia and the wider world.

Students in this program have the opportunity to develop national competencies as a key foundation of regional and global competencies. In each of the three campuses/countries, they study the economy, politics, culture and society of the respective nation (Japan, Korea, China/Hong Kong). Their interdisciplinary studies and customized language courses give them the necessary knowledge and tools to comprehend each of these complex and vibrant nations and this exciting region as a whole.

3-Campus students have specially tailored opportunities to work and learn together through undertaking research and training in leading private and public institutions across East Asia, drawing on the prestigious local networks of Keio, Yonsei and Hong Kong Universities.

Some Tips:

  • Go to the “Get Advice” page for Global Learning-Education Abroad to find information on drop-in advising hours, scheduling an advising appointment, returned student contacts, and college advisors for study abroad
  • Find out about upcoming events, check out FAQs, and read stories from returned study abroad students

How do I apply?

  • Everything you need for Cornell approval and for admission to the program is handled through the Cornell application using the green "Apply" button below
  • Completed applications are reviewed early after the relevant transcripts are available* and again at the program application deadline.  *Completed applications include the most recent spring transcript for the following spring study abroad and the fall transcript for the year abroad
  • After admission, students submit materials directly to the 3 Campus program universities