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Academic Policies

  • Students must enroll for a full course load while abroad (equivalent to 12 credit hours per semester).
  • Students must take CAPS 4001 (or CAPS 4003) and CAPS 4002.
  • Students must take one course in Chinese language study unless they are exempted by the Cornell Chinese language program.
  • Students may take other available Beida courses for Cornell credits.
  • Students will receive credit for academic coursework completed abroad that is equivalent to a Cornell grade of "C."
  • Students cannot take courses as Pass/Fail.
  • All courses and grades will appear on the Cornell transcript in the same format as they are recorded on the original transcript generated by the host institution.

CAPS students normally spend either their junior spring semester or senior fall semester in Beijing at Peking University's School of International Studies (SIS), one of China’s most prominent universities. They take three courses: 1) CAPS 4001 China in Transition or CAPS 4003 Experiencing China, which are taught in English by a Cornell faculty; 2) CAPS 4002 Chinese Perspectives on International and Global Affairs, which is taught in English by a member of the faculty at the School of International Studies; and 3) a Chinese language course at the 3000 level or above: CHIN 3351/3352; CHIN 4451/4452; CHIN 4453/4454 (all are part of/equivalent to Cornell Chinese language course offerings. Participating students may take other available courses offered by Peking University (for Cornell credit).

Qualifying applicants to the CAPS Honors Program have the option of taking their language course as an independent study, whereby their tutors may help them conduct Chinese-language research for their honors thesis during the semester in Beijing.