The Global Fellows Program works in partnership with Tata-Cornell Institute. Each Fellow receives an award from TCI to cover housing, flights, visa fees, food, in-country travel, and other living expenses.

 Global Fellows should budget wisely and be willing to financially contribute to their experience for activities such as extra-curricular activities or travels. Students accepted to the program will receive confirmation of the amount of your stipend in their letter of offer. 

TCI staff will guide students through the visa application process, but students are responsible for obtaining their travel documents (passport, visa and vaccination card) in a timely manner.  The visa application process should begin in February 2024 to ensure enough time for visa processing. 

Accepted fellows may need to set up direct deposit with the Bursar in order to receive funding.

You may preview the application without starting an application by clicking on the “preview application” button next to the apply button. All applications contain the same questions and all information related to the program can be found within the experience page. There is no additional information within the application.