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Matthew Saleh

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The Summer Research Fellow will focus on the convergence of U.S. incarceration issues and disability, with emphasis on employment barriers for juvenile justice-involved youth.  In collaboration with Yang-Tan Institute faculty, the fellow will conduct a comprehensive review of the literature in four areas: (1) overlap of disability issues and incarceration risk factors (e.g., educational/employment barriers); (2) experience of disability in the incarceration setting; (3) youth and juvenile justice-specific issues; and (4) opportunities for inter-sectional thinking in rehabilitation practices and frameworks (e.g., vocational rehabilitation).

As an outgrowth of this research, the Fellow will work with YTI faculty to develop a small empirical research project appropriate for a summer appointment (e.g., interviews, survey, focus group, or secondary data analysis.) The Fellow will gain hands-on experience conducting literature reviews, developing research questions, and preparing a small-scale empirical analysis. Additionally, the expectation is that the Fellow will spend 20 percent of their time exploring their own topic of interest in the area of disability and juvenile justice-involved youth.  

About the K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (YTI)

The mission of the Yang Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (YTI) is to advance knowledge, policies, and practice to enhance equal opportunities for all people with disabilities. To accomplish this, the Yang-Tan Institute partners with federal, state, and philanthropic organizations on projects involving workplace inclusion and employment, income, education, healthy living, community membership, engaged learning, and more.