Pandemic Message

COVID-19 Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


Course Descriptions

VinUniversity will offer a selection of courses to Study Away participants  Students at VinUniversity will select at least one course from the list below.

  • BIOL1011 Biology
  • CECS1030 Computational Algorithmic Thinking
  • CHEM1021 Chemistry
  • CHEM1022 Chemistry
  • COMP1020 Object Oriented Programming & Data Structures
  • ECON1020 Intro Macroeconomics
  • ENGL002 Pathway English Advanced B
  • ENGL1020 Academic English 2
  • ENTR1020 Agile Innovation
  • HADM1870 Hospitality Internship Orientation (non-credit)
  • HADM2040 Service Operations Management
  • HASS1010 Marxism-Leninism Philosophy
  • HASS1020 Marxism-Leninism Political Economy
  • HASS1030 Scientific Socialism
  • HASS1041 Ho Chi Minh Ideology
  • HASS1050 History of the Communist Party
  • LEAD1020 Organizational Behavior
  • MATH1020 Calculus II
  • MEDI1012 Intro to Professionalism in Medicine 2
  • NURS1060 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • NURS1070 Intro to Professional Nursing Practice II
  • NURS1080 Psychology & Communication Skills in Nursing Practice II
  • PHYS1010 Physics I
  • VCOR1010 First Year Experience – Intercultural Awareness (non-credit)
  • VCOR1010 First Year Experience – Self Growth & Exploration (non-credit)
  • VCOR1022 Healthy Lifestyle 2 (non-credit)

Registration and Course Enrollment

Students participating in a Study Away opportunity will focus primarily on their Cornell online courses and must enroll in a minimum of 12 Cornell credits.  Students will be required to enroll in at least one additional course from the local program or university. The availability of local coursework varies by location.

  • Register normally for 12 or more credits of Cornell University courses.*
  • Select at least one course to study at VinUniversity with local students. If allowed by the study away partner, you may take more than one course.
  • Obtain approval from your college for the course taken through the study away partner/university** (note: study away students will not be required to take a language course)

*All students should plan to participate in Cornell pre-enrollment as usual.  Students will receive further instructions regarding course enrollment from the host/partner institution.

**Students must have host-enrolled courses approved by their college or school toward their Cornell degree. In most cases, this will be elective credit, but in some cases could be approved to fulfill distribution, major, minor or concentration credit, however this is subject to college/school policy and is not guaranteed. More information on how and when to obtain approval will be communicated by your college or school upon approval to participate.

Grades & Credits

  • Study Away partner courses will count towards your total # of credits for the semester. Follow the limits set by your college for the maximum number of credits.
  • Your specific study away courses will not be visible in Student Center; you will just see a "placeholder course" for your study away institution. The number of credits associated with the placeholder course is pre-set by the college and will not necessarily reflect the number of credits you will earn.
  • Students will receive credit for host coursework where the equivalent of a letter grade of "C" or above is received.
  • Your Cornell GPA will reflect Cornell courses only.


  • Study Away courses and grades will appear on your official Cornell transcript.
  • Study Away courses and grades will not be visible in Student Center even after they have been processed by your college.
  • You can order an official e-transcript via Student Center after your college has processed your study away courses and credit.

At the end of the program, follow your study away host institutions instructions to request an academic transcript, and have the transcript sent to:

Office of Global Learning, attn: Education Abroad
B50 Caldwell Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850
+1 607-255-5243

Official e-transcripts may also be sent directly from the host institution via a secure means to