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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019


Gladys Brangman

Cornell Affiliations:

Atkinson Center

Off-campus partner:

Environmental Defense Fund


Opportunity Description

Shape the future of electric heavy-duty vehicles as an Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund Vehicle Electrification Financial Research Analyst intern in Austin, TX.

Working with the EDF Energy team, this Atkinson Intern will have an opportunity to help design a cleaner future for a major source of urban pollution: heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. These vehicles – which range from box vans to school buses to tractor-trailers – perform critical tasks for our economy. They are also a major source of environmental harm. They account for a quarter of transportation GHG emissions globally and are on pace to nearly double these emissions by 2050. Emissions from diesel trucks degrade air quality at the local level and lead to tens of thousands of premature deaths annually. EDF seek the swift replacement of these vehicles with zero emission alternatives.

Electric power is an increasingly viable alternative for trucks and buses. Transit buses, delivery vans, trash trucks and even regional freight trucks are now targets for electrification. By establishing zero emission heavy vehicles as a major component of our fleet, we can make meaningful progress reducing greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollutants.

Key Responsibilities:

Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Research uses, drive patterns and ownership structures of heavy duty vehicles to assess the potential of individual vehicle duty cycles to drive reduction in local air pollutants.
  • Build a financial model in excel that will account for the total cost of ownership of a medium or heavy duty vehicle
  • Build a financial model in excel that will account for cost of manufacturing, taking into account cost projections and technology development
  • Develop recommendations for which heavy vehicle duty cycles to prioritize deployment in order to help drive local air pollution reductions; and financing models that will accelerate the uptake of these vehicles.
  • Provide support to the team in research requests regarding vehicle electrification
  • Present findings to the team at the end of the internship

10 weeks during the summer

Full-time (35 hours/week)

Compensation is $5,000 for the summer term.

Sarah Ryan, Project Manager, Clean Energy

This is one of ten (10) Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund summer internships available. You must submit a separate application for each internship, if applying for more than one.

Please make certain to review the Requirements page prior to applying.