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Minimum GPA: 3.80

Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2020-21
  • Academic Year 2021-22


Alayne Prine

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning

Off-campus partner:

Cambridge, University of


This program has a very early application deadline. Late applications cannot be considered.

Applications for 2021-22 will open on October 1, 2020

Opportunity Description

Consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world, Cambridge welcomes applications from visiting students for an academic year of study in the arts and humanities, social sciences, science and engineering.

What is unique about this program?

The University of Cambridge comprises 29 colleges and halls which admit, teach, and house undergraduates for the roughly 30 undergraduate courses of study offered by the University.  Only a handful of colleges accept visiting non-degree students.  Global Learning works closely with Robinson College 

The University of Cambridge admits visiting students for the full academic year only.  Students considering study in Cambridge should be committed to a full year of study and appreciate the full "Cambridge experience".  For spring-only study at Cambridge, students should review the "Pembroke College, Cambridge" opportunity in the Global section of marketplace.

At Cambridge, students are taught via lectures, seminars, practicals, and supervisions.  Supervisions are teaching sessions of one or two students, or small groups, led by supervisors who are specialists in the subject that is being studied. This personalized attention means that you will face rigorous academic challenges on a weekly basis, encouraging and facilitating your learning in a way that just isn’t possible in a lecture. There is a much greater emphasis on independent and self-directed study at Cambridge.  You will be responsible for your own learning and are expected to read beyond what’s required for your lectures and classes.

Visiting students at Cambridge should not expect to study within more than one department, except in cases where Cambridge offers a joint degree (e.g. History and Politics).  Successful applicants will pursue a course of study at Cambridge that most closely aligns with their major at Cornell, and who have completed at least 4-5 relevant courses within their major.

What is unique about Cambridge?

Cambridge is a small town situated about 50 miles north of London.  When students aren't studying or hanging out in their colleges, the town offers a variety of sports, theater, museums, music, art, and assorted festivals and events throughout the year.  The city feels very much like an extension of the university, and students find it quite easy to feel at home here. 

How do I choose among programs?

  • See the Office of Global Learning’s “Selecting a Program” page for information on program types and considerations
  • Use the search features on the Experience Cornell  Opportunities page to filter for programs approved by your college, and by particular subject areas
  • Go to the “Get Advice” page for information on drop-in advising hours, scheduling an advising appointment, returned student contacts, and college advisors for study abroad
  • Find out about upcoming events, check out FAQs, and read stories from returned study abroad students

How do I apply?

Applying to study abroad is a two-step process. You may complete both steps simultaneously, but the Cornell approval process must be complete before your program advisor in the Office of Global Learning can submit any approval or nomination to the program.

  1. For Cornell Approval, click on the "Apply" button on this webpage. Applications are approved by the Office of Global Learning on a rolling basis until the application deadline listed on this page.
  2. For Program Admission, complete an external application directly on the program’s webpage, using the link in the “Snapshot” section. (Note: This deadline may be in advance of the general Cornell deadline for approval. Many programs fill by rolling admission.