Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2022


Sarah Brylinsky

Cornell Affiliations:

Campus Sustainability Office


Opportunity Description

Applications due Monday, June 21st at 12:00pm EST. 

The Cornell University Campus Sustainability Office is seeking a graduate student or highly qualified undergraduate candidate for the position of Sustainability Media Coordinator to manage the creation and dissemination of social media campaigns, website content, and other media to advance sustainability initiatives around climate neutrality, food, waste, transportation, and key reports. 

This position is open to graduate or highly qualified Cornell students for 20hrs/week during Summer 2022, with the possibility to extend work 10hrs/week through the 2022-2023 academic year.

This position will be responsible for creating a cohesive social media brand and managing the social media accounts for Sustainable Cornell.  The coordinator will work with CSO staff to create and disseminate content for evergreen campaigns, key events, sustainability reporting, and student initiatives.  Additionally, the Media Coordinator will write and publish stories on the Sustainable Campus website and update web content related to campus sustainability progress, opportunities, and highlights in food, water, waste, transportation, and more.

To apply: Send a resume, cover letter to   

Position Details

  • Create and manage a cohesive brand for the Sustainable Cornell social media accounts
  • Create, post, and monitor social media content and campaigns for campus sustainability programs, initiatives, events, and key reports
  • Support content development and engagement materials for the Sustainable Campus website
  • Use analytics insights to set and adapt media engagement goals and strategies, comparing social media and website traffic
  • Assist in creative storytelling opportunities to share sustainability leadership and innovation stories from across campus
  • Research cutting edge communication solutions, outreach and impact strategies, and new technology to enhance sustainability engagement, learning, and culture at Cornell University
  • Support Campus Sustainability Office staff with various communication, media, analytics, tracking, content development, and other projects as needed


    Required Skills

    • Strong writing skills
    • Demonstrating 2-3 years content writing experience
    • Ability to translate and combine complicated information into digestible narratives
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with short deadlines
    • Self-directed learner and worker
    • Ability to translate complicated scientific, planning, and community led efforts to a large readership
    • Team-player
    • Ability to use a web content management system, basic HTML proficiency a plus

    Work Details

    Pay: $15/hour for 20 hours/week during the summer, 10 hours/week during the academic year. Includes paid time for professional development and team building.

    Location: The Campus Sustainability Office is located on Cornell's Ithaca campus. During the summer, this position can be part-time or fully remote with flexible hours. During the academic year, this position will be hybrid with both in-person and remote work. Meetings will be scheduled during business hours: M-F, 9-5pm. 

    About the Campus Sustainability Office & Sustainable Campus 

    The Campus Sustainability Office works with all 30,000 Cornell students, faculty and staff to empower, equip, and engage the campus community in creating the solutions necessary for a healthy sustainable campus, community, and world. 

    Our team is collaborative and inspired – we believe in supporting whole person leadership, including work-life balance, professional development, and a collaborative approach for collective success.  More information on how we are creating one of the leading sustainable campuses and other initiatives visit