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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019


Gladys Brangman

Cornell Affiliations:

Atkinson Center

Off-campus partner:

Environmental Defense Fund


Opportunity Description

Create incentives for investors and companies to excel at sustainability as an Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund Supply Chain Retail and Investor Intern in Bentonville, AR; Chicago, IL; or Washington, DC.

The EDF+Business Program began partnering with Walmart on sustainability in 2005. Our primary goal is to change the retail supply chain to have a smaller environmental and social footprint throughout the life-cycle of consumer goods. Priorities include system and design changes to drive reductions in GHG emissions, reductions and removal of chemicals of concern from consumer products including food, improvements in agricultural practices that affect ecosystem and human health, consumer engagement, and effective metrics to track and document change. In 2016, Walmart published a new set of ten-year sustainability goals, developed through extended discussion with EDF and input from other NGOs and supply chain partners. These goals were announced during Doug McMillians speech at Net Impact. Projects will be based on the new goals that align with EDF priorities of climate, health, ecosystems, and oceans. Although EDF has been a partner with Walmart for over 10 years we partner, advise, and collaborate with other corporations to help set their sustainability goals and best practices; these include Land O Lakes, Kellogg’s, Target, Colgate, and many others.

Key Responsibilities:

Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting research on the sustainability investors market, investor reporting and system tools, and company and market trends in relation to investment. What is the impact that investors have on the sustainability market and how can make better and longer term investments?
  • Analysis of system tools, reporting systems, and continuation on the investor landscape.
  • Relationship coordination with partnering companies and financial firms.
  • Educate team in the investors’ field and how we can utilize this data in our current work streams to help further push companies to be champions in sustainability.

10 weeks during the summer

Full-time (35 hours/week)

Compensation is $5,000 for the summer term.

Jenny Ahlen – Director of Supply Chain

This is one of ten (10) Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund summer internships available. You must submit a separate application for each internship, if applying for more than one.

Please make certain to review the Requirements page prior to applying.