Pandemic Message

Pandemic Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


Terms and Dates:

  • Winter 2021
One Time Opportunity


Joy Das

Cornell Affiliations:

Office of Engagement Initiatives


Opportunity Description

During this global pandemic, we protect each other by staying home and social distancing. At the same time, we’re compelled to do more to support our neighbors, community partners and fellow humans — in our home communities and around the world. We are compelled to Serve in Place.

This fund supports students who are spending winter 2020-21 participating in any type of community-based research activities or community-engaged learning projects that

  1. Address a specific need, problem, or public concern;
  2. Include working with and learning from a community partner;
  3. Are connected (and well-integrated) with course content and disciplinary perspectives;
  4. For co-curricular (non-credit bearing activities): Are well-integrated with educational content that the engagement work is addressing; and
  5. Include structured, documented critical reflection.

These grants are intended to support students participating in any of the following:

  • Course-based engagement activities (faculty-led)
  • Team-based learning and research projects
  • Individual community-engaged projects (including programs, internships and research)
  • Presentations at virtual conferences
  • Mentored internships
  • Team-based consulting projects


$1,000 maximum

Funds can’t be used toward domestic or international travel, tuition or nonrefundable program fees. However, funds can be applied toward the community project, a personal stipend or other necessary costs to ensure the project’s success.

Funds will be distributed as a credit to students’ bursar accounts. All funds not accounted for by original receipts must be returned to OEI by the deadline given.