Pandemic Message

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Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2019-20
  • Academic Year 2019-20

Cornell Affiliations:

New Student Programs, Campus Sustainability Office


Opportunity Description

The Campus Sustainability Office is looking for volunteers for Orientation EcoReps. In this role, you will act as a first point of contact for students to learn about Cornell's sustainability mission. You will be trained on the university's newest initiatives, and given practical knowledge that you can use on/off campus and share well beyond New Student Orientation. You will give new students a head start in understanding Cornell's waste sorting rules (which vary by county, state, and country).

Additional Details

By volunteering you will receive the following:  

  • Limited Edition: Sustainable Cornell T-shirt 

  • "THINK BIG | live green" Button

  • Early Arrival approval for students with on-campus housing 

  • ... and a huge amount of gratitude from our office! 

Student Leaders give new students a head start in understanding Cornell's waste sorting rules.
Orientation EcoReps give new students a head start in understanding Cornell's waste minimization and waste sorting practices.










About the Campus Sustainability Office & Sustainable Campus 

The Campus Sustainability Office works with all 30,000 Cornell students, faculty and staff to empower, equip, and engage the campus community in creating the solutions necessary for a healthy sustainable campus, community, and world.  More information on how we are creating one of the leading sustainable campuses and other initiatives visit