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Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2019
One Time Opportunity


Todd Schmit

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Worksite Location: CCE Oneida County Agriculture and Agriculture Economic Development Departments

Opportunity Description

CCE Oneida County Agriculture and Agriculture Economic Development departments are working on several concurrent projects that focus on the food system and the dairy industry in Oneida County. We received a USDA RDBG grant to complete a “farmers to consumers” feasibility study to help identify resources and specific data based strategies for food distribution and the development of a virtual food network. The study included the economic assessment of existing local food producers and systems; data development; an economic impact analysis; and the identification of barriers and opportunities to create and retain agribusiness jobs in the rural areas of Oneida County. That study resulted in several recommendations including the immediate completion of an analysis of institutional buying and market size. CCE Oneida County is currently seeking an individual or organization to complete this study. Simultaneously, we are working with the Oneida County Executive and his team on an Oneida County Dairy Farmer Sustainability Action Plan. This project will extract the information related specifically to the dairy industry from the Farmers to Consumers feasibility study and the Institutional Buying and Market Size study and apply it to the Oneida County Dairy Sustainability Action Plan. Plans will be scrutinized for information related to the entire dairy industry and how it can be used in the implementation of the sustainability plan. However, ultimately, we would like to focus specifically on local dairy co-ops.