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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019


Gladys Brangman

Cornell Affiliations:

Atkinson Center

Off-campus partner:

Environmental Defense Fund


Opportunity Description
Reform global fisheries practices to produce more food while improving livelihoods and conservation of fish stocks and marine ecosystems as an Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund intern in San Francisco, CA.
EDF’s Oceans Program seeks to improve the welfare of millions of people who depend on ocean resources while leaving more fish in healthier ocean ecosystems. The Fishery Solutions Center’s (FSC) Research and Development Team provides scientific and technical support to over 80 Oceans Program staff working in 12 geographies around the world to end overfishing and habitat damage from fishing, priority threats to food security, economic development, and ocean ecosystem health.  Team activities include scientific research, development of fishery management tools, and capacity building on data limited stock assessment, adaptive fisheries management in low governance contexts, small scale fisheries reform, ecosystem risk assessment, governance analysis, design of behavioral interventions to reduce illegal fishing and improve fisheries management, aquaculture, technology for conservation, climate change adaptation, and ecosystem-based fisheries management.

Key Responsibilities:

Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Performing literature review, fact-checking, and interviewing experts
  • Preparing memos, white papers, and presentations
  • Supporting the preparation of manuscripts for publication
  • Working with Research and Development Team staff to assist with short-turnaround, urgent queries from field staff
  • Participating in bi-weekly Research & Development Team meetings and Fishery Solutions Center meetings
  • Participating in seminars, lunches, and meetings to learn about other EDF programs and get to know what it’s like to work in a large international NGO setting

10 weeks during the summer

Full-time (35 hours/week)

Compensation is $5,000 for the summer term.

Rod Fujita, Director of Research and Development

This is one of ten (10) Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund summer internships available. You must submit a separate application for each internship, if applying for more than one.

Please make certain to review the Requirements page prior to applying.