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Terms and Dates:

  • Winter 2019


Jeremy Thompson


Opportunity Description

Globalization and the increased movement of people, plants and animals across the planet provides new challenges in combating the spread of pathogens. Essential to the control and monitoring of disease spread is the development and implementation of appropriate diagnostic methods. This new course will offer a theoretical and practical introduction to the main molecular diagnostic methods employed by researchers today.
The molecular techniques learnt will be translatable to almost any target organism and will provide the student with the essential concepts and hands-on training for further diverse applications, career choices and experiences. It is intended the student will finish with a broader worldview and greater confidence to speak, work and study in a foreign language.
Its focus will be on grapevine diseases in the Chilean Valle Central where most of the country’s wine production is located. Students will have the opportunity to interact with host students, faculty, researchers, and growers during a two-week winter-break period split between the lab and field.

* Winter break travel component PLSCI 4301, in conjunction with fall and spring lab courses (PLSCI 4300 and 4302) and Spanish courses SPAN 1501 or SPAN 3020.