Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2018


Kimberly Kopko

Cornell Affiliations:

Cornell Cooperative Extension


Opportunity Description

Interns will work under the direct supervision of Dr. Kimberly Kopko to:

1) identify and inventory community resources and services for individuals and families impacted by opioid use in Tompkins County and the surrounding region 

2) document the top priorities of institutions in the community that, directly or indirectly, are impacted by opioid use, and

3) map these top priorities within the context of existing resources and services to provide an overview of priorities, resources and services currently addressing those priorities, and any potential gaps in service provision. 

Under the guidance of Dr. John Sipple, the interns will also have access to administrative and survey data on areas related directly and indirectly to the opioid crisis (e.g., drug use, hospital admissions, health care access, education, income, wealth, race) to identify trends, correlates, and locations of greatest need to inform the mapping exercise.

Community contributions: 

Interns will have an opportunity to interview local school and agency personnel that provide resources and services for individuals and families impacted by opioid use.  Upon completion of the project, the interns will share their findings with school and agency officials with whom they worked, either in a community forum, a written report, or both. 

Learning outcomes: 

Interns will learn about the current state of the opioid issue impacting Tompkins County and the surrounding region from a community-based perspective.  They will gain an understanding of the impacts of opioid use on individuals, families, schools, agencies, and the community.  They will also learn how to synthesize information from a variety of sources (interviews, knowledge of existing programs and existing data) to provide an overview to community leaders that documents current resources and services and identifies areas of potential need for additional resources and services.