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COVID-19 Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


Lund Fellows must: 

  • Complete two prerequisite classes that explore aspects of biodynamic, organic, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture and food systems from a natural science and social science perspective (see list below).
  • If you feel that you have completed coursework at other institutions or at Cornell that fall into these categories, you will have the opportunity to discuss the courses and why they meet the prerequisite requirements in the application portion.
  • Complete a one-credit pre-internship spring semester course for Lund Fellows, taught by the Lund Program Coordinator and/or other professionals and potentially including visits to local farms and farmers’ markets.
  • Completion of a one-credit post-internship course held at the start of the fall semester for fellows to share their individual experiences and bring knowledge gained back to the classroom, including the development of a poster and participation in a poster session.

Prerequisite courses 

*Required courses (2) from the list – at least (1) in the agricultural sciences and (1) in the social sciences:

Agricultural/Natural Sciences:

-    PLSCI 1600 Just Food

-    BIOEE 4690 Food, Agriculture and Society

-    PLSCS 1900 Sustainable Agriculture

-    PLSCS 3210 Soil and Crop Management for Sustainability

-    PLSCS 3800 Principles and Practices in Certified Organic Agriculture

-    PLSCS 4140 Global Cropping Systems and Sustainable Development 

Social Sciences:

-    DSOC 1300 Just Food

-    DSOC 3400 Agriculture, Food, Sustainability and Social Justice

-    NTRES 3330 Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Plant-Based Ecological Knowledge

-    PLHRT 4270 The role of the garden in community food security