Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2021


Eugene Won

Cornell Affiliations:

Cornell Cooperative Extension


Opportunity Description

CCE of Nassau County (CCE) oversees the Taste NY Market Place, which is being operated from the new Welcome Center on Long Island Expressway in Suffolk County. The State built this Center at the cost of $20 million, it attracted ~100,000 commuters and tourists in 2016.  This facility is open year-round and experiences its peak visitation in summer.  The goal of this project will be to increase public awareness about the health and economic benefits of locally farmed and wild harvested seafood. 

To fulfill these goals, the PIs will create a Seafood Ambassador position with the help of this Intern, along with tools for this person to conduct education and outreach. Milestones and deliverables for this project include: A poster display for visitors to learn about NY seafood production, including a map showing major landing ports and seafood distribution network Seafood industry profile series about the different roles in supporting local seafood production, from dock-to-table (fishermen, farmers, distributors, retailers).

Helping to organize and administer the annual Seafood Throwdown, a popular Sea Grant promotional event that engages patrons of the local food movement  The Seafood Ambassador would also participate in planned market surveys that are being conducted by Sea Grant to determine seafood consumer preference.  This Seafood Ambassador model will be replicated at other Taste NY locations in coastal communities with strong maritime connections.  The Seafood Ambassador program will deliver culinary and seafood safety tips while promoting local seafood businesses to consumers. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Under direct supervision of the mentors, the student intern will:

  1. Review and update existing seafood outreach brochures, factsheets, etc. and make this information available to Taste NY visitors e.g., information table or magazine rack 
  2.  Prepare content and design seafood information displays for the Taste NY sites and promotional events, and assess public usage of this information service e.g. social (media) polling
  3.  Provide support to the Taste NY Seafood Throwdown coordinators   

Benefits and Skills

  1. Familiarization with the seafood industry and local food promotion 
  2. Hands-on experience in delivering an educational program
  3. Improvement in scientific writing skills 4. Exposure to an applied integrated science (for seafood)