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The Labor and Employment Law Program is sponsoring two summer 2019 research fellowships working on the Title VII Consent Decree and ADA Cases Repositories in New York City. As a member of the LEL team, Fellows will review existing documents in the Repositories, research additional items for inclusion, and work with LEL faculty and Catherwood Library staff to ensure that the Repositories are up-to-date and accessible for use.

Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 (the Act) outlawed discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, etc. Since the passage of the Act, plaintiff lawyers have relied on both individual and class action lawsuits to end discrimination. This project focuses on class action lawsuits in which several plaintiffs represent a class of women or minorities. When these cases are settled or when the defendant has been found guilty of discrimination, remedies include diversity training for managers, special training programs for members of the class to be promoted, employment goals and timetables, special outreach efforts, etc. Similarly, with the passage of the ADA, as amended (ADA), which outlaws discrimination based on disability, this repository focuses on settlements and court decisions. 

The ILR Title VII Consent Decree and ADA Cases Repositories are the only central repositories of resources of their kind for the legal community to help them make recommendations for provisions of consent decrees or court orders to remedy discrimination. No central database listing programs that have been used in the past and evaluating their effectiveness exists, which allows for analysis by industry, court, protected class, and/or theory of discrimination.  

These databases are widely used throughout the world. On an average month, the Title VII repository has 1200-1500 downloads from 50 or more countries, and the ADA repository has 400-500 downloads from 30-40 countries. A possible project activity would be to analyze the cases that are most downloaded, both in the United States and elsewhere.

About The Labor and Employment Law Program

The Labor and Employment Law Program (LEL) merges law and social science research to provide attorneys, legislators, social scientists, and policymakers with multifaceted perspectives at forums and conferences. Current and emerging legal issues affecting the workplace are analyzed with the goal of influencing research, legislation, policy, and litigation.