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Esta Bigler

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Research fellows are needed to work as part of a team of ILR staff to provide research for an up-to-date database of federal, state, and local laws on the employment rights of people with criminal records. Additional projects also may include providing background research for roundtable discussions, forums, and/or conferences for employers, advocates, and policymakers to discuss issues involved in employment discrimination of people with criminal records and determining best practices for increasing employment opportunities for people who have been involved in the criminal justice system. 


How do we eliminate barriers to employment for people with criminal records?


Are employment decisions, background checks, credit checks, licensing requirements, and the threat of negligent hiring suits neutral rules that result in discrimination against minorities, preventing people from being gainfully employed and with negative social and economic implications for families and society? Are there best practices the employers can use to hire ex-offenders that minimize their risks and open opportunities?