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Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019


Gladys Brangman

Cornell Affiliations:

Atkinson Center

Off-campus partner:

Environmental Defense Fund


Opportunity Description
Help implement the world’s first limit on the net emissions of a global industry sector as an Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund international aviation and climate change intern within the Global Climate Program in EDF's Washington, D.C. office.
Climate change is the signal environmental challenge of our time. Environmental Defense Fund’s Global Climate Program seeks an intern in our Washington, D.C. office to assist with our work on international aviation and climate change. We are currently working to implement the world’s first limit on the net emissions of a global industry sector, namely the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction System for International Aviation (CORSIA), adopted in 2016 by the 191-nation Assembly of the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). CORSIA caps the net emissions of international flights between participating countries at 2020 levels, and allows airlines to offset emissions above 2020 levels by utilizing reductions in other sectors – provided those reductions meet CORSIA’s emerging standards for emissions unit quality. Ensuring robust and durable implementation of CORSIA, and strengthening its ambition in the future, is our goal.

Key Responsibilities:

Depending on the interests of the intern and the needs of the program, the intern may:

  • Work with the global climate team to develop one or more case studies evaluating the costs and benefits for particular countries to participate in CORSIA, including the potential for alternative aviation fuels.
  • Research the scientific, economic, practical, and political relationships between the European Union’s coverage of aviation in its Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) and CORSIA.
  • Develop materials to educate policymakers and industry on the benefits of linking CORSIA to high-quality emissions reductions, including those achieved at jurisdictional levels, without “double-claiming.”
  • Help formulate and implement a social media campaign to encourage CORSIA airlines and travel industry companies to offset emissions using only high-quality emission reductions, without “double-claiming.”
  • Assisting with the development and application of models to assess the costs of meeting CORSIA targets.
10 weeks
Full-time (35 hours/week)
Compensation is $5,000 for the summer term.
Annie Petsonk, International Counsel
This is one of ten (10) Atkinson Center-Environmental Defense Fund summer internships available. You must submit a separate application for each internship, if applying for more than one.
Please make certain to review the Requirements page prior to applying.