College/School Eligibility:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences

Class Year Eligibility:

  • First Year (undergrad)
  • Second Year (undergrad)
  • Third Year (undergrad)
  • Fourth Year + (undergrad)

Open to:

  • Cornell Undergraduate Students

Grant Proposal Application Instructions

Proposals must strictly adhere to the guidelines described below; those that do not may be returned.

Proposals should include:

  • Cover Page/Application Proposal for Research funds. Students with Microsoft Word may fill out the application digitally. Eligible applicants may apply to more than one program using a single application.
  • Statement of Objectives and Significance
  • Brief Review of Relevant Literature
  • Description of Methodology (detail adequate to evaluate probability of project completion; statement(s) of expected results helpful if known)
  • Time frame (research to be completed within a 12-month period)
  • Budget
  • Literature Cited

Proposals should be written in 12-point font with single or double spacing between lines and at least 1-inch margins. Abbreviations within the proposal must be defined. No appendices may be included. Undergraduate grant proposals are restricted to a maximum of 2 pages, excluding cover page and list of literature cited. The budget should list the actual project cost; other sources of funding received, expected, or for which the student has applied; and the amount of funding requested from the Office of Academic Programs, including an explanation of how those funds will be used. Computers and software purchased with these funds are the property of Cornell University and must remain at  Cornell after the student graduates. If the student has already received funding for this research from one of these sources, an additional page must be added to the proposal describing the research progress. All undergraduate proposals must be reviewed by the student’s research mentor and revised according to his/her recommendations. The final proposal must be signed by the research mentor before submission to the Office of Academic Programs.

A sample proposal is available for review: sample #1.

Funding is limited to full-time students only.

Proposal should be submitted electronically to:
Sharon Loucks, Administrative Assistant
Office of Academic Programs
173 Roberts Hall
Phone: 607-255-3081, E-mail:

Deadline for submission of proposals

Spring 2018: Friday, March 2, 2018 by 2:00 pm.

If funds are left after the fall semester, another call for proposals will be announced early in the spring semester to support summer research.