Terms and Dates:


Basil Safi

Housing Options:

Student Residence Hall


Opportunity Description

The Global Good Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship empowers undergraduate students across the United States to bring creativity and innovation to bear on critical challenges facing communities across the globe. Through this program, students will gain foundational knowledge and experience to become social entrepreneurs for global good. Thirty fellows, six from each campus, will be selected for an immersive, residential summer experience during which Global Good Fellows will:

  • Learn theories and practice of social entrepreneurship

  • Engage in action-oriented workshops led by community, industry, government and non-governmental organization leaders 

  • Spend evenings working in groups on a one-week social entrepreneurship project that solves a community challenge

  • Celebrate the week with an off-site dinner and certificate and award ceremony

Global Good Fellows will stay on the host campus during the program. All meals and lodging are included at no cost* to the participant.

*Benefits may be subject to federal and state income tax.