Teams of students will conduct community-based research in partnership with Kelabit village leaders and university partners with the intention of gaining a broader understanding of the issues of climate change and how it is impacting the Kelabit Highlands on the island of Borneo.  The research project will focus on the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in learning about and documenting climate change impacts and mitigation and adaptation factors.

1) Pre-Departure Course: Fall course (NTRES 4000) provides students with the foundations of the social, cultural, and environmental aspects of community-based research methods in Southeast Asia, along with trip preparation relating to conflict resolution, leadership and team work development.

2) During Trip: 3-week intensive community-based research trip to Southeast Asia (Malaysia) during the Winter Break (Jan. 2-17)(NTRES 4001).

3) Post-abroad Course:  The spring course provides space for students to reflect on students’ learning from the trip,  as it relates to global citizenship, climate adaptation,  and preparation of a final research product to the community partner (7-weeks, NTRES 4002).