Terms and Dates:


Jodi Cohen

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences


Opportunity Description

Who: Any full or part-time undergraduate student enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

What: Deliver an 8-9 minute informative or persuasive speech on "The role* of CALS in encouraging diverse and inclusive human communities"

How: Prepare a speech on the topic, *drawing upon teaching and/or research programs in CALS; Deliver the speech extemporaneously (note cards allowed, but not over-used); No visual aids. No manuscripts. No lectern.

If interested, email rc442 by Friday, April 12

When and Where: Preliminary round is Thursday, April 18, 2:30 - 4:30 pm; a scheduled 15 minute private presentation to 2 judges.  Final contest is Tuesday, April 23. The best five speakers in the preliminary round present to an audience in Plant Sciences 404 from 7:00-8:15 pm.

Why: Because you are engaged in the CALS community, want to challenge yourself, and add a line to your resume.   Also, Prize Money: 1st place - $1500; 2nd place - $1000; 3rd place $800; Honorable Mention: $600 each